Gator Moving & Storage Co provides short or long term storage in transit services. We offer 5x7x7 wooden vaults, along with shrink-wrapped pallets and 7' sofa racks. Inside our warehouse your items will remain safe, clean, and dry. We pick your items up, professionally load them into our secure storage warehouse and deliver your items back to you when you need them. All furniture is padded and protected with care and expertise, keeping your items safe from damage during their stay with us. Your belongings will be professionally stacked and your vault sealed until you request delivery.

If you wish to view the contents of your vault we do ask for a 2 day notice so that we can isolate your vault for viewing. Anything less than 2 days and we may be unable to pull your vault out for you to access.

We do not provide walk-in or self storage!

  1. ‚ÄčNo locks or keys needed!
  2. Once-a-month charges
  3. No minimum contract
  4. Secure/Monitored facility
  5. Climate controlled
  6. Professionally Stacked and protected, maximizing every inch of space.

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