Top 5 best things to do before your move! Hint Hint, it saves you money...

Let's be honest. Moving is stressful, it sucks, and it's inconvenient. There's so much that needs to be done before the day comes to load up the truck and settle into a new and unfamiliar "home". If it can even be called that right away. If you've ever been to a shrink because of stress or anxiety they'll probably ask you a bunch of questions. Has someone died? did you get fired? ARE YOU MOVING?? That's right. Are you moving? it's that stressful. So what do you do? Hire a moving company of course!

So you're shopping around for quotes and realize "wow...this is a bit much.." well that's why i'm writing this. I've been in the moving business for a while now. I started as a mover, and eventually worked my way up to what my company refers to as a Relocation Specialist. Which basically just means i'm good at helping plan a move. So what can you do to keep a couple more of those Benjamins in your pocket?


    is be honest with your relocation specialist! Yes, be honest with them. it's not hard. We really do want to help you out. What's hard to believe is that a company would actually have your best interests in mind. I know it's a shocker, But think about it.  This industry requires their customers trust. After all we're moving your personal items. If we aren't trust worthy it would show with a big fat 1 star rating. It benefits both everyone to know exactly what we're dealing with, and you get an accurate quote.

    The second best thing to do is pack yourself. Sometimes it can't be done. Packing takes a lot of time and energy, sometimes forcing you and your loved ones to take several days off and maybe even coerce your friends to come and give a hand. But it WILL save you money. Most companies charge by the hour or have a ridiculous packing fee. I've seen it double the cost of a move several times. If you slowly start packing a month before your move you guarantee yourself a lower price, maybe even several hundred dollars.

    The third thing you can do to save yourself money is take everything apart that you can. Bed frames, wall mounted TVs, anything the movers would have to take apart and wrap individually. The more you do, the less time the move takes and the more money in your pocket.

    Last but not least, Ask for a discount. Most companies are willing to give out at least a 10% discount. Don't be shy, just boldly say that looks a bit high, can you give me a discount? We want your business and we want to take care of you, so hopefully you'll brag about us. If that means sacrificing a bit of profit to earn your business we will.

    Bonus tip, you can always rent a Penske truck or a Uhual and have a moving company come out and load it for you. that's the cheapest way to do things, But you can't bring the company with you, so be prepared to unload it yourself. But if you're really pinching the penny most moving companies will send out a couple guys at their normal hourly rate and you just simply tell them when you want them to stop working so you know exactly how much it's going to be. Be sure to bribe them with a tip. Something along the lines of "the faster you work the better your tip" should do the trick. 

    I hope this helps you out. I know moving can be tough and a daunting task. So you need all the help you can get. Life doesn't slow down or stop just because you're changing where the doormat lies. Hopefully these tips will help you save time, money, and maybe even a good bit of stress.